Yang Xian Sheng Steam Boat

Yang Xian Sheng Steam Boat is one of the many busy Asian restaurants that have sprung up along Dominion Road, conveniently located at the city end, near Countdown, Glengarry’s and many other restaurants.

When we visited Yang Xian Sheng for lunch recently we were the only Europeans in the restaurant and no English was being spoken. Fortunately they have an English version of their menu, including some photos, which makes ordering easier. The translations are literal which makes for entertaining – if not necessarily tempting – reading. Also the steam boat was not being offered at lunch.  Or at least we think that is what we were told.

The food here is from the Beijing area of China. There were a lot of ‘nose to tail’ eating options on the menu but we opted for more conservative choices. We were tempted by the photo of the Kung Pao chicken ($16) – a classic Chinese dish of diced chicken stir-fried with peanuts and chili peppers. We also ordered the stir-fried green beans ($14), pork and cabbage dumplings ($6) and the fried scallion pancake ($5). It was a lot of food but we wanted to sample a variety of dishes.

The green beans arrived first – a huge serving that was so good that we almost devoured the whole thing! We couldn’t place our finger on the seasonings, possibly some cumin and some peppercorns. In any event it was delicious and almost addictive.

When the Kung Pao chicken arrived we knew we had definitely ordered too much food. Another huge dish piled high! Lots of chili pieces in the dish but they were easily picked out if need be. It was spicy but did not make your eyes water – unless you ate all the chillies! Another absolutely delicious dish that we thoroughly enjoyed. The large servings of the green beans and the chicken could easily have fed 3-4 people.

The dumplings and the scallion pancake were less successful. I prefer the dumplings at either Barilla or Eden Noodle. The scallion pancake was rather bland and did not enhance the stir-fried dishes that we had ordered. Instead we should have accompanied our food with plain rice. However, we did notice that other tables ordered the pancake so it may be a matter of personal preference.

I would go back for the chicken and green beans alone, and would certainly try any of their other stir-fries. If you are game to try authentic Beijing-style food then do try Yang Xian Sheng.

Location: 248A Dominion Road, Eden Quarter
Phone: (09) 638-6458
Hours:  Open 7 days, 12 noon-11pm
Prices: Dumplings $6-$8; Vegetable dishes $14-$18; Soups $6-$12; Meat dishes $14-$24; Sides $8-$10
Licensed: No
Suitable for Vegetarians: Yes
Takeaways: Yes
Bathrooms: OK
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
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  1. We found their menu translations amusing too. You can find some of them here: http://nomnompanda.blogspot.co.nz/2012/02/lost-in-mistranslation.html

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