Too Fat Buns

  • Too Fat Buns - Beefy Burger
    Too Fat Buns - Burger with cheese and fries
  • Too Fat Buns - Interior mural
  • Too Fat Buns - Quinoa and Feta Veggie Burger
    Too Fat Buns - Veggie Bun of quinoa and feta
  • Too Fat Buns - Interior to kitchen
    Too Fat Buns - interior through to kitchen
  • Too Fat Buns - T-shirts
    Too Fat Buns - T-shirts
  • Too Fat Buns - Sign
    Too Fat Buns - Exterior signage at the rear of Pendragon Mall, Oneroa

Waiheke Island is a relaxed place to live and visit, but there are surprisingly few places to eat (especially at night) within our Cheapeats budget.  Enter Too Fat Buns, an environment-friendly gourmet burger bar tucked away in the back of Pendragon Mall in Oneroa.

It was too hot to cook, so my daughter and I headed to Oneroa to let someone else do the cooking.  We were in the mood for burgers and so we headed to Too Fat Buns.

Too Fat Buns features beef, chicken, fish, venison and vegetarian burgers.  Not ones to turn away from the classics, we both ordered the Beefy Bun ($11) with the addition of cheese ($1.50).  This is a 180gm housemade prime beef patty, which comes with lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles, relish and housemade aioli.

Of course we had to have fries ($4), and shared one order between us.  My daughter also spied a Chocolate Malt milkshake on the menu ($7), so we tried that too.  Too Fat Buns does filter coffee, and you can also have Cold Brew on ice, topped off with sparkling water.

We took our takeway treats home, and the food made it but the milkshake did not.  My daughter downed it completely during the 15-minute drive. I did get a small taste, and can vouch that the shake has a real malted flavour to it.  Delicious.

The meat patties on our burgers were huge!  180gms may not read as big, but it converts to a mighty big burger.  It quite defeated us.  I would order the smaller burger ($7) next time.

Fries tend not to travel too well, and ours had a slightly steamed texture from sitting in the paper bag on the ride home.  Maybe we should have eaten them on the ride home along with drinking the malted milkshake.

I was curious about the vegetarian burgers, so another day I popped in and ordered the Veggie Bun ($12).  This features a feta and quinoa patty, avocado, lettuce, tomato, red onion, relish and housemade aioli.  This serving was perfect for me, and I loved the flavour of the patty. More flavourful than the beef patty, in my opinion.

If ever there was a summer to enjoy takeaways at the beach, this is it.  Head over to Waiheke and enjoy your burger feast!


Location: 4/118 Oceanview Road, Oneroa, Waiheke Island
Phone: 022-476-1980
Hours:  (Summer) Monday-Thursday 11:30am-8:30pm, Friday 11:30am-9pm, Saturday 11am-9pm, Sunday 11am-8:30pm.  Hours may vary in the winter.
Prices:  Burgers (large) $11-$18, Burgers (small) $7-$8; Gluten Free Bun $2.50 extra; Fries $4; Aioli $2; Chocolate or Vanilla Malt Shakes $7.
Takeaways: Yes
Cards: Yes with surcharge
Licensed: No
Suitable for Vegetarians: Yes
Toilets: N/A
Wheelchair Accessibility: Yes
Websites: Too Fat Buns
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