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Cafe Viet

I keep hearing mixed things about Cafe Viet. A lot of people in the food industry are saying it’s great but others saying it’s not quite there yet. Me? Jury’s out. I loved the vibe, the service, the people and the presentation but I can’t say I’m totally sure about...


Pho Bien

When I get a cold all I want is Beef Pho. I have happy memories of consuming large amounts of this wonderful Vietnamese soup in Ho Chi Minh City and always use an inflamed throat as reason to indulge. Our nearest outlet for this is Pho Bien in Paramount Drive....



It had me at the waterfall. I had driven past Hansan and seen the “weeping glass” waterfall and thought that it was an interesting décor choice for a restaurant. It was only recently that I found out that it offered delicious Vietnamese food at Cheapeats prices. We had friends coming...


New Vietnam Cafe

New Vietnam Café is owned by a Vietnamese person, has a Hong Kong chef and we were served by a Malaysian waiter – a true “Asian melting pot” of staff! We weren’t sure if the food would suffer for it, but our waiter put us onto his recommendations for lunch,...


Pho Saigon

It was a happy day when I heard that the Lam family had gone back to their Vietnamese roots with the latest addition to their restaurant family Pho Saigon. I was first introduced to that wonderful fusion food – the Vietnamese Sandwich (Banh) – when they opened Banh Mi Bale...



Hard to know what to say about Halong. Is it tasty food? Yes. Does it blow your mind? No. Would I go back? Yes, especially for takeout. Would I take friends there? Possibly not. Mixed messages anyone? Let me explain. Someone recommended we check out Halong in New Lynn so...

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