The Street Food Collective

The Ponsonby food scene is really cooking!  Finally someone has organised a home for our fabulous food truck operators to park and offer their delicious creations – thanks to the Clarks of Miss Moonshine’s restaurant.  They have created a space opposite their restaurant on Lot 3 which is called The Street Food Collective.

You need to know where it is – located between Mackelvie Street and Richmond Road, down a long right of way.  Suddenly you come upon a cosy gathering of food trucks, food stalls, a bar in a caravan, and on the chilly night we visited, outdoor heaters.  It looked great! A very friendly host welcomed us and gave us an overview of what was there.

The food trucks and food stall holders take turns using the space.  On the night we visited these included Fort Greene, Judge Bao, Brooklyn Dogs, Pie Piper and others.

We tried food from several of them.  We couldn’t resist the shredded pork on homemade shoestring fries at the first food truck and added the pork belly on sliders (2/$9) for good measure.  The smoked fish fingers with mushy peas from Fort Greene intrigued me so that was added ($11) and also a healthy coleslaw from Judge Bao ($6).  Their steamed pork bun will have to wait until next time, as will the Brooklyn Dogs.

The pies from Pie Piper looked very generous  – deep dish fruit pies of all flavours.  They also had cinnamon buns.  All great North American baking:)

I had hoped that Brian Campbell, former head chef at Milse, would be there with his Sweet Cuisine food truck but not this night.   The Lucky Taco also participates but was not there.

We got our food to take away and we couldn’t resist nibbling on the shredded pork and shoestring fries on our way back to the car.  In fact my daughter claimed most of it even though it was my order!  The pork was very tender and the fries were thin and crispy so it was perfection.  It was drizzled with a lovely homemade aioli style sauce (if memory serves me correct).  My daughter also enjoyed the pork belly sliders, but I did not get a chance for a taste!

I loved the lightly smoked fish fingers and mushy pea sandwich.  The fish had been bound lightly together with a béchamel sauce, the peas were still bright green and roughly mashed, the tartare sauce was homemade and the bread was lightly toasted sourdough.  An unusual and delicious alternative to the  Friday fish and chips tradition.

I was disappointed in the coleslaw.  It was a crunchy mix of Chinese turnip, cabbage, puffed rice and fresh mandarin orange segments which looked great but surprisingly had little flavour. I really only tasted the chili in the dressing, although the orange segments gave a nice fresh flavour burst.  It may have been my tastebuds so I would try the coleslaw again another time.

I love the Street Food Collective and the friendly casual vibe.  On a chilly Friday evening the crowd included office workers, young families and other foodies keen to sample the variety of quality food there.  I also love that the participating businesses vary from week to week, so there will always be something new to discover – or an old favourite to enjoy.  A great addition to our Cheapeats favourites!


Location:  Lot 3, 130 Ponsonby Road, Between Mackelvie Street and Richmond Road
Hours: Open 7 days 7am-11am (from 8am on weekends); 12 noon-3pm; 5pm-10pm.
Prices: A real variety but all Cheapeats prices $6-$12 approx.
Licensed: Yes
Suitable for Vegetarians: Yes
Takeaways: Yes
Bathrooms:  OK
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
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