We were quite excited to see a new-ish Korean Restaurant out west. Good asian food is scarce in Outrageous Fortune country. Mojung Restaurant is sweet. Cute decor and really clean, creating a nicer atmosphere than many Korean joints around town (of course there had to be one child-like decal and soft toy on display but they are out to one side and didn’t detract too much).

We were served by a lovely lady but her English wasn’t up to much so ordering was a bit challenging at first. We found out later that the man who owns it had just stepped out for a moment and his command of the language was a lot better. He was most helpful at explaining the menu.

We ordered a Bibimbap (a huge bowl of flavoured rice with sections of mince, courgettes, carrot, asian mushrooms, bean sprouts and an egg with chilli paste on top – $12). It’s a big favourite of ours and is delicious when you stir everything together combining the various tastes.

This one was different to what we have experienced before but still very tasty. Often the egg is raw and it cooks as you mix it through the hot rice, but this one was already fried. We have always had it in a hot metal pot so the rice crisps and browns a bit on the bottom but this was in a plastic bowl. It didn’t make an enormous difference and caused less fights over the crispy rice, but I have to say I do prefer the raw egg (sure you could ask). It came with a warming Korean-style miso with chilli in it which was perfectly spiced and full bodied.

We also ordered braised short beef ribs ($18). I do love the way Korean food always comes with a million tiny side dishes. This time it was kimchi, daikon with chilli, cucumber with chilli, thick vermicelli noodles with mixed vegetables and a delicate garlic sauce, and potato pancake. The chilli dishes were super-spicy but really addictive and the vermicelli and the and potato pancake were also good, albeit in a much milder way. Korean heat in food always has that raw quality that soon dissipates rather than Indian or Thai chilli that can hang around your mouth for a long time.

All the side dishes had strong, fresh, flavours and the ribs themselves were very tasty too. They had that sweet, distinctly Korean flavour of  garlic, sugar and soy sauce and the meat was soft and tender, clearly having marinated for a long time. This dish was not as good value as the $12 meals but still a lot for $18 once you ate all the side dishes.

We were really interested in the Napa Wraps (soft salted cabbage leaves with pork, veges and sauces to load into them) but were too full to eat any more. There seemed to be a whole menu of things to share like the wraps, hot pots and stews. These were over $20 but all appeared to feed two to three people so were within Cheap Eats budget. There were also plenty of other rice options with chicken, squid, pork or beef done in different ways on top and these were all $12.

Mojung means Mother’s Love and this is very much the theme. Everyday home-cooked food just like a Korean mama would make.

Location: 42 Paramount Drive, Henderson, Auckland
Phone: (09) 8360089
Hours: 11am – 9.30, Tuesday – Sunday
Licensed: A selection of local and Korean beer as well as BYO
Takeaways: Yes
Credit Cards: No, EFTPOS and Cash
Suitable for Vegetarians: Mainly meat and seafood but a few tofu dishes.
Prices: Individual dishes $12 – $18, Sharing dishes $25 – $50.
Bathrooms: Very Clean
Wheelchair accessible: Yes[googleMap name=”Mojung” width=”505″ height=”300″ directions_to=”false”] 42 Paramount Drive, Henderson, Auckland[/googleMap]

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4 Responses

  1. Smitia says:

    We’ve just had the pleasure of dining at Mojung after a last minute decision to venture out on a Tuesday night. There’s not many tasty eating options out west so we were keen to give Mojung a whirl, we were so pleased we did. With a 5 year old and 1 year old in tow, we headed into the restaurant and were greeted by the owner and his lovely wife (she cooks he serves). There’s a childrens play area sectioned off at the back of the restaurant that kept the girls happy for almost the entire stay, it was as if hubby and I were on a child-free date night.
    As this was our first Korean experience, we ordered exactly what cheapeats had plus an additional spicy squid and chicken dish. The little dishes at the beginning of the meal were unusual but delicious, and the food that followed was equally as tasty. The bipimbap was kind of like a spicy stir fry with all sorts of quirky flavours, the spare ribs were covered in a devine sauce, the squid was hot but not uncomfortably so and the chicken was as good as any other asian restaurant.
    We thoroughly enjoyed our first Korean experience particularly the owner who was so lovely and helpful.
    All up we paid $72 for a beer, a wine, an orange juice, bipimbap, spicy squid, braised short ribs and sizzling chicken. Money very well spent and we’ll definitely be back.

  2. Lorraine says:

    I had lunch today at Mojung and despite the dismal weather there were other diners in the restaurant, most of whom were Asians which is usually a good sign. I had the spicy beef soup which was accompanied by an array of side dishes – bean sprouts, daikon with chilli sauce, kimchi, round beans, a pancake wrap and of course rice. It was a very tasty, well balanced meal for just $13.00. The easy drinking Korean lager was served ice cold in a chilled glass and at $5.00 rounded the meal off at a moderate price.

    Easy parking, close to home – give it a try. I for one will be going back.

  3. Raewyn says:

    Great little spot. I endorse the above review and comments. We ordered the Bipimbap and the Kimchi soup. Kimchi soup was served with rice. Both were delicious and a good size. At the start of the meal we were served a potato pancake with sides (radish, beans, kimchi, cucumber) – I’m not sure if this was part of the Bipimbap or just an extra they bought out as an appetizer. A piece of the pancake was delicious when topped with the condiments. This was an excellent spot for lunch on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Not so busy – we were one of three tables when we arrived and the place was empty when we left. They coped fine with us having our 2-year-old in tow – the high chair was a good one. Another couple had a small baby with them. Hubby ordered a Korean beer. All up $31.

  4. Geri says:

    One of our favourite restaurants and very child friendly, our five year old would eat there most nights if she could. The seafood pancake is a firm favourite with her and any leftovers are packed up to take home for the next day’s lunch. Everything we’ve ever ordered has been good, the service is so friendly and welcoming and with such good value for money you can’t go wrong.

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