Sunny Town

  • Sunny Town - Dumpling
    Sunny Town - Sauced Pork Buns
  • Sunny Town - Pork Buns
    Sunny Town - Pork Buns
  • Sunny Town - Dan Dan Noodles
    Sunny Town - Dan Dan Noodles
  • Sunny Town - Prawn Shao Mai
    Sunny Town - Prawn Shao Man
  • Sunny Town - Prawn Shao Mai and Noodles
    Sunny Town - Prawn Shao Man and Noodles
  • Sunny Town - Kitchen area
    Sunny Town - Kitchen

We came here because:
We had heard there was a new Chinese restaurant that didn’t look anything like a Chinese restaurant, and were curious.

The décor was:
Japanese-Zen. It is all the rage in China at the moment for new eateries to emulate the calming, minimalistic aesthetic of Japan. Think big glass frontage and delicate, blonde wood framing, and a long communal table running down the middle of the room. You can watch the chefs working tirelessly in their pristine fishbowl.

The food was:
Simple but tasty. There are just 12 items on the menu to choose from, which is both refreshing and irksome (“Are we even in a Chinese restaurant?” I found myself asking). My friend Wei and I ordered the spicy cold noodles ($9.80), dan dan noodles ($13.80), pork buns ($10) and prawn shao mai ($12). Both noodle dishes featured perfectly bouncy noodles, the cold noodles lightly dressed in a spicy sauce with crunchy peanuts, spring onion, and preserved mustard greens that lent a salty, tangy bite. The dan dan noodles were pretty similar but served in a soupier sauce with lots of chilli oil and the addition of fried pork mince. The sauced pork buns were authentic tasting, umami-rich packages of minced pork but the filling was a touch on the oily side.

The prawn shao mai were “not shao mai” as Wei aptly put it. A light and delicate open-faced dumpling of minced prawn and pork, but nothing special, and hilariously topped with a garnish of frozen carrot, pea and corn (shao mai are usually topped with caviar or fish roe).

We loved:
The beautiful, bright fit out and that the food arrived lightning fast. The walnut soybean milk ($5) is delicious, if you’re a fan of the Chinese style of soybean milk that is. Warm, nutty and sweet.

If I could change one thing it would be:
Removing the frozen vege off the top of the shao mai.

Cheap, efficient and visually appealing.

Location: 10-14 Lorne Street, Auckland CBD
Phone:  (09) 373 5388
Hours: Monday – Saturday 11am-11pm; Sunday closed.
Prices:   Spicy cold noodles $9.80; dan dan noodles $13.80; pork buns $10; prawn shao mai $12.
Takeaways: Yes
Cards:  Yes
Licensed: No
Suitable for Vegetarians: Yes
Wheelchair Accessibility: Yes
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