Miss Clawdy

We kept hearing good things about the recently-opened Miss Clawdy at North Wharf so we went to check it out. We loved the funky fitout (the lightshades!) the music and the super friendly service and while we were there for a quiet lunch could envisage it as a  venue for a celebratory dinner with a big group of friends. It’s that kind of place.

When I say ‘that kind of place’ it’s very much of the breed of casual dining that is taking over our city. Fun, lively places for drinks and shared food. We are glad to have gone at 11.45 as the place soon filled up. We had no wait but I have heard of people waiting an hour in the evenings, something to note if you are planning a visit.

We ordered the Grilled Fish Taco ($6) the Cuban Po Boy ($11) the Prawn and Papaya Salad ($15) the Skirt Steak ($18) the Street Style Chargrilled Corn ($5) and the Cajun Hushpuppies ($6) between three people and it fed us happily for $20 each.

The highlight would have to be the Street Style Chargrilled Corn with its charred, sweet juicy corn on the cob with paprika, lime and chipotle butter. Fabulous texture and flavour combo. The Cuban Po Boy was also good with lovely fresh bouncy bread filled with Pulled Pork shoulder, swiss cheese, pickles, habenero mustard and stewed apple. The pork was tender and moist and its richness was well offset by the slightly tart apple.

The Skirt Steak meant business with huge flavours. I found it slightly salty but Lynn said not so for her – clearly a personal taste thing. The chimichurri on top of it was lovely and fresh. The Cajun Hushpuppies were equally bold with well seasoned batter resulting in lovely light fried cornbread balls. They were served with a great relish that complemented them perfectly with a good tang.

The  two dishes which were a bit disappointing for us were the fish taco and the Prawn and Papaya Salad. Both lacked the burst of flavour they promised on the menu. The flour tortilla was nice but the fish wasn’t particularly generous. It was loaded with cress, tomato and a bit of pico de gallo and was pleasant but didn’t really wow you in any way. Same for the Prawn salad – I would have expected more flavour from something with cucumber, chilli, lime and jerk dressing. It over promised and under-delivered.

All up we think you go to Miss Clawdy for drinks, some fun and some Southern American inspired bites. The atmosphere was great and it would be an enjoyable summer night out with friends. The food is nice overall, and some of the dishes are excellent, but it’s more about the whole package than a culinary experience.

Location:  T6/12 Jellicoe st, North Wharf
Phone: (09)  969 6986
Hours: 11.30 till late Seven days
Prices: Shared plates from $6 to $22
Credit Cards:  Yes
Licensed: Yes
Suitable for Vegetarians: Yes
Takeaways: No
Bathrooms: Good
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
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3 Responses

  1. Char says:

    Do you think it could be somewhere to take the kids? 🙂

  2. Maryanne says:

    Could not agree more about Miss Clawdy – over promised and under delivered. We had the fish taco – 1 tiny strip of fish (would have fitted on a teaspoon) – hardly makes for a fish taco.
    I don’t know what all the media hype is about this place….definitely over rated in my opinion. Yes go there for a drink but move on to somewhere else to eat.

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