Mexican Specialities

This homelike Mexican restaurant run by friendly husband and wife team Jose Carlos de la Macorra and Maria Batiz has a cult following. We are not sure if we want more people to know about this treasure…it is busy enough as it is!  However, we are committed to sharing our cheapeats secrets with you.

Jose and Maria run this little corner of Mexico as a labour of love, hence the limited hours.  Jose prepares everything in the tiny kitchen, and Maria staffs the counter.  I once asked Jose why he didn’t increase the opening hours, and he said “because it wouldn’t be fun anymore!” He has his priorities right.

This is a very informal place where you pick up your cutlery when you place your order, and pour your own water.  Serving can be rather hectic (dare I say chaotic?), so just go with the flow.

I have been here several times and can recommend almost everything on the menu.  I say almost, because after several attempts, I still cannot get a taste for mole (a dark sauce with a savoury/chocolate flavour).

My favourite item on the menu is the soft shrimp taco.  I love food that is full of flavour, and this has it in spades.  Think several large shrimp, diced avocado and tomato, chopped olives, capers and garlic wrapped in a soft flour tortilla. Yum!  I usually have a juice to drink and this time loved the pineapple and coconut combination – sort of a pina colada without the alcohol.

The servings are not huge, so you may want to order more than one item per person if you are really hungry. The Aztec Hotpot ($9) is filling with chicken, corn and cheese. Other items on the menu include the chicken mole ($12), relleno ($12); enchiladas ($12) and crispy chicken taco ($9).  Desserts are mostly $4 and they make their own crème caramel.  I am always tempted to try the bunuelo ($4), described as a large sweet doughnut but looks like a huge puffed pastry shell sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.

Bring your shopping list for those hard-to-find ingredients.  There is a shop area with everything you could want.

Location: Shop 5, 92 Marua Road, Ellerslie, Auckland
Phone:(09) 580-2497
Hours: Thursday and Friday 11am-3pm; Saturday 10am-4pm
Licensed: No
Takeaways: Yes
Credit Cards: Yes
Suitable for Vegetarians: On request
Prices: Guacamole $8; corn chips $4; soft tacos $12/$13; relleno $12; enchiladas $12; crispy chicken taco $9; Aztec chicken hot pot $9, desserts $4; beverages $4
Bathrooms: Passable
Wheelchair accessible: Yes – but space is very tight. If you can get a seat outside it would be fine[googleMap name=”Mexican Specialities” width=”505″ height=”300″ directions_to=”false”]Shop 5, 92 Marua Road, Ellerslie, Auckland[/googleMap]

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4 Responses

  1. Kat says:

    Yesss! Good Mexican! You guys are awesome for sharing, must visit asap 🙂

  2. Andi says:

    I love Mexican Specialties and tell everyone to go there for the best Mexican ever, however I feel I must warn people that not all items on the menu are as good as the next. I took a friend along and we ordered a few items off the menu – guacamole, enchiladas I think?, tacos – shrimp and beef and a dish with pumpkin seed sauce that from memory had meat, nuts and fruit. This was a while ago, so it may have been a once off, but we both found the guacamole and enchiladas to be quite bland, we added hot sauce (there are several bottles of varying heat) to try and add some flavour. The tacos on the other hand are wonderful and so was the dish with pumpkin seed sauce – I have been meaning to go back for this, but don’t live locally and they only have limited hours so it’s difficult. Just wanted people to be aware that while I love this place, not everything on the menu will be tasty and divine, or perhaps me and my friend just like flavour a little too much.

    Also try the chilli chocolate and lime drink. Wasn’t that excited by the bunuelo, but try for yourself, this is just my opinion. Despite these criticisms make sure you go at least once; it really is the best Mexican in Auckland!

    • Lynn says:

      Hi Andi. Thanks for your feedback. I agree that some dishes are better than others – the shrimp tacos are my favourite! As you said, Mexican Specialities is still very much worth a visit.

  1. November 22, 2012

    […] 1. Mexican Specialities is still very good (but a little pricier than before) – read the review Lynn wrote on Cheap Eats last year here […]

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