Lucky Fortune Restaurant – Yum Cha

I am always keen to learn about a new restaurant to enjoy yum cha, so I was intrigued to learn about this restaurant in Three Kings.

Three of us went for lunch, including a friend with expert knowledge who just happens to be the aunt of our review contributor May-Lee Wong.

My first impressions were good ones:  a large, clean dining room with nicely spaced out tables, so no need to jostle your neighbour to sit down.   I liked the simple white china dishes which were a more modern touch than found in some Chinese restaurants. This is one time when a table by the kitchen door is desirable –  all the better to get first pickings of the delights coming out of the kitchen.

We decided to make a token gesture to healthy eating by selecting only steamed food, rather than deep-fried options.  The trolleys came past us quickly and we got a good variety of plates:  dried prawn in rice noodles; pork and prawn with vegetables wrapped in bean curd; chicken siu mai; and my favourite pork and  coriander dumplings; sticky rice parcels filled with pork mince.  We also ordered a plate of kai lan for our greens.  The waiter served this with a decorative flourish of oyster sauce.

All the food that we ordered was well prepared.  The rice noodles were thick and smooth with flecks of dried prawn. The chicken siu mai pieces were a good size.  Apparently our yum cha in New Zealand is much larger than the smaller, bite size nibbles served in many Asian countries. I liked the thin bean curd wrapping on the prawn, pork and vegetable dumpling.  Although it probably wasn’t the most photogenic of our selections it definitely was a winner on flavour. It also had a nice coarse texture.

The pork, peanut, and white radish dumplings were a texture treat while the pork, coriander and celery dumplings were a flavour sensation: the crunchiness of the coriander and celery and the richness of the pork contrasted with the freshness of both the celery and coriander.

We were given peanut sauce (very mild flavour) and hoisin dipping sauces, along with the usual soy sauce and chilis. Throughout our quick lunch our teapot was filled regularly without asking.  There were some new-to-me desserts on the trolleys, including steamed sponge cake and a black sesame cake.

My “expert” friend rated Lucky Fortune as a ” very good” place for yum cha.  I asked her if all the food was made on the premises and she said “of course”.  The owners are from Canton, which is always a good sign for yum cha.

We didn’t manage to quite eat everything, but we left feeling pleasantly full with no sense of greasiness from the food.  We were under a time constraint and were in and out in around 45 minutes, but didn’t feel that we had rushed our lunch. We were under no pressure to vacate our table, although this may be a different situation on a weekend lunchtime.

Yum cha is served at lunch only and dinner is ordered from the menu.  Another reason to visit this good Chinese food find in Three Kings.

Location: 532-536 Mt Albert Road in Three Kings Shopping Centre
Phone: 625-3998
Hours:  Open 7 days.  Lunch Monday-Friday 11:00am-2:30pm; Lunch Saturday and Sunday 10:30am-2:30pm; Dinner 5:30pm-10:00pm  (Yum Cha served at lunch only)
Prices: Yum Cha lunch for three people total $48
Cards: Yes
Licensed: Yes
Suitable for Vegetarians: Yes
Bathrooms: OK
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
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