Ko’s Dumplings

So who knew that there is a little cluster of Korean-owned shops and restaurants off Lincoln Road?

I was on a mission to check out Ko’s Dumplings for another project, and found it amongst a little strip of cafes, shops and other restaurants.  Although the restaurants offer Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Korean food, they are all owned and operated by Koreans.

It is the little Korean touches that make the Chinese food menu at Ko’s different – like the little side dishes that you get with your order.  But I am getting ahead of myself.

I visited Ko’s one lunch time, and at 12 noon was the only person in the restaurant. Just as well that I grabbed a place, because it soon filled up!

Obviously in a dumpling restaurant a person must order dumplings, and so I ordered fried dumplings to take home with me ($10).  I decided to eat in, so I also ordered tofu and minced pork in a spicey sauce ($15).  I was sad to see shark’s fin dishes on the menu:(

The complimentary tea was promptly served to me at my table, along with two little Korean side-dishes of pickled turnip and raw onion pieces to dip into their own soy paste (better than it sounds).

My large plate of tofu and pork soon arrived and it was delicious.  Lots of tofu with pieces of cooked pork in a flavourful sauce with just the right amount of heat kick to it.  The perfect dish for a winter’s day and one that could be easily shared with another person.

I was glad that I had the dumplings to look forward to later at home as I suspected they would be good.  The table next to me of a Korean mother and her two teenage children ordered both the steamed and the fried dumplings!

When I opened the container of dumplings at home, I was impressed with the presentation.  The dumplings were nestled in container which was lined with a paper doily, and was accompanied by chopsticks wrapped in a serviette, a little plastic container of soy sauce and some pieces of the turnip pickle.

The dumplings themselves were fried to a golden brown and not at all greasy.  The pork and chive filling was very flavourful.  Ko’s makes all their own dumplings and you can buy them frozen to take home and cook yourself.

For all of you Chinese food and dumpling lovers in West Auckland – give Ko’s a go!

Location: 5/42 Paramount Drive, Henderson
Phone: 837-7050
Hours: 11:00am-9:00pm Tuesday-Sunday.  Closed Mondays.
Prices: Dumplings $5-$10; Noodle dishes $9-$13 ((a $24 seafood dish serves two); rice dishes $12-$13; main dishes $18-$35
Credit Cards:  No, Eftpos only
Licensed: Yes – BYO beer and wine.  Corkage of $5/bottle of wine.
Suitable for Vegetarians: Not really  – very limited
Takeaways: Yes
Bathrooms: Good
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
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10 Responses

  1. Barbara says:

    Well, I will certainly NOT be dining at Ko’s Dumplings EVER. shark finning, or rather, barbaric slaughter, is disgusting.

    • Lynn says:

      Thanks for your feedback, Barbara. I agree that the killing of sharks for their fins needs to stop. However I think the best way of influencing this practice is just not to order dishes that use shark fins. Perhaps I am being too simplistic.

      • Dave says:

        This is most definitely too simplistic. Put another way – would you be OK going to the restaurant if they served whale? How about dolphin? How about a shop that sold rhino horn? (not black rhino they are already gone) Bear bile? (the list goes on) Make illegal or boycott.

        (your blog is sweet as though 😉

    • Eve says:

      Hello folks

      I am part of Shark Fin Free Auckland (SFFA) and have just been alerted to Ko’s selling shark fin dumplings.

      We know that in most places the shark fin dumplings is made from fake shark fin (yep, fake sf exists). You’d have to be paying a premium price for it to be real.

      The whole problem with sharks right now and their over fishing means any form of shark meat is adding to their demise. Kiwi fish and chip shops have sold shark as lemon fish for years, so if we can boycott this as well that would help.

      We’ll be checking this out just to make sure it is fake.

      Kind regards

      • Admin says:

        Thanks Eve, we suspected the SF soup was probably fake due to it’s price point. It will be good to hear about what you find in this case.

  2. Gaylene says:

    yay!!! I have been complaining about the lack of tasty chinese dumpling places out west. I will definately try Ko’s out.
    Thank you

  3. Robin says:

    As many of your readers will know, sharks are often killed just for their fins and the rest thrown back in the ocean. There are plenty of fantastic restaurants that do not serve shark fins. Like Barbara, I think the best way to send a clear message to these restaurants is to boycott them until they remove shark fins from their menu. Is it worth rewarding dodgy restaurants that encourage this sad practice, just to save a dollar on dumplings?

  4. Kylie says:

    I agree! Was so excited to read this until I read about the shark fin soup 🙁

  5. Melissa says:

    Hi, It’s not enough to simply boycott the restaurant that serves shark fin. The owners need to know that this is why you are boycotting it. And even better, give them a hand out with the reasons why it is not ok. Unfortunately, many cultures seem to be unaware of the wider implications of shark finning even if they don’t care about animal welfare. These restaurants do not rely on Westerner’s/Pakeha patronage but rather on their Asian clientele. So a little education just may go a long way.

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