• Kind - Jackfruit tostada
    Jackfruit tostada
  • Kind - Camembert bruschetta
    Camembert bruschetta
  • Kind - Zucchini spaghetti and meat-less balls
    Zucchini spaghetti with meat-less balls
  • Kind - Baby carrots
    Baby carrots
  • Kind - Broccolini
  • Kind - Tostadas

Kind. is a plant-based food restaurant in the heart of Morningside. It is open from morning to evening making it one of the few vegetarian/vegan restaurants available for dinner. Its’ philosophy is to be kind to yourself, the neighbourhood and to the earth. The restaurant has various initiatives to support that ethos.

We came here because:

It’s the new year and we still have our healthy eating resolutions in play. I was keen to try a vegan/vegetarian menu for dinner, while my family were just curious.  I was happily surprised that they wanted to join me!

The décor was:

Very smart – natural finishes with  designer touches.  Even the salt and pepper grinders have the newest copper coloured metal tops. Kind sits on the corner of a former industrial building, and they have used this to their advantage.  There are lots of sliding patio doors out onto the deck and flowering plants inside and out.

The food was:

Delicious but the prices are pushing the boundaries of both our Cheapeats budget and what I am prepared to pay for essentially vegetables (although without the flourishes). The menu is designed for sharing plates.  There were three of us and we were all hungry, so we ordered several dishes:  jackfruit tostadas $14/2; Camembert bruschetta $21; broccolini $19; baby carrots $17; zucchini spaghetti and meat-less balls $18.

There was only one dessert on the menu, but we could have ordered one of the tempting vegan slices or bliss balls from the cabinet display.  Or we could have visited Miann next door and purchased chocolate or one of their sweet creations.

Kind is licensed and has a good menu of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.  My husband ordered a beer($9), my daughter a raspberry and lime kombucha ($5) while I stuck with water.

We loved:

The jackfruit tostadas were my favourite. The jackfruit was prepared along the lines of pulled pork and had a barbecue sauce flavour. Each tostada was liberally garnished with iceberg lettuce, BBQ chipotle, Cajun aioli, peanuts and sprouts.

My teenage daughter cornered the camembert bruschetta. The bread was topped with sweet, slow-cooked shallots and grilled camembert, with lovely ripe macerated tomatoes to accompany.

The zucchini spaghetti and meat-less balls were my husband’s pick. This was chunks of eggplant and tomato (provencal) sauce  topped with parmesan.  The flavours of this dish were full and well-rounded. I expected this dish to be served on a bed of zucchini spirals (considering they are in season at the moment), but they were more of  a garnish than a major component of the dish.

Both the broccolini and the baby carrots were delicious, but in my opinion were too expensive.  I acknowledge the work that goes into creating the sauces and garnishes but I expect most people will mainly see the vegetables.

The broccolini was served with smoked peanut butter, chilli, lemon, baked chickpeas and cashew.  The chickpeas added a welcome touch of substance but should come with a warning to watch your dental work.

The baby carrots were a more substantial dish, served with a kumara puree, smoked tofu pieces (very mild), sumac and lovely lightly pickled cauliflower florets which gave a fresh hit to the tastebuds.

If I could change one thing it would be:

To encourage the chefs to create more substantial dishes that a person would not necessarily create at home.


We enjoyed Kind and I would go back again. I would order the tostadas (my daughter the bruschetta), sit on the deck, sip a cocktail and eat good food that is also good for you.


Location: 16 McDonald Street, Morningside
Phone:  (09) 869-8765
Hours: Monday 7:30am-4:30pm; Tuesday-Friday 7:30am-late; Saturday 8:00am-late; Sunday 8:00am-4:00pm.
Prices:  Day Menu: Main dishes $17-$25 and sides $2-$7; Evening Menu $9-$24.
Takeaways: Yes
Cards:  Yes
Licensed: Yes
Suitable for Vegetarians: Yes – this is your moment!
Toilets: Fine
Wheelchair Accessibility:  Yes
Websites:  Kind.
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