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When you’re hungry on the Shore and not sure where to go – head to the Delicious Link International Food court on Wairau Road and have a feed at the Home Cooked Filipino Cuisine.

I love food courts in New Zealand because they have good food, good prices and you can get alcohol. But the Wairau Road food court has to be one of my favourites in Auckland because it has parking, it’s small, and it has good Filipino food.

Since visiting the Philippines a few years ago, we fell in love with the unique cuisine and have since been hunting around Auckland for more – luckily there is a Filipino food boom in Auckland! We have tried a few places like Turo -Turo and Boracay and they are good but still on the expensive sides, so we were curious if this place could compete.

On Thursday night there were groups of young families, friends, couples, and after work mates all enjoying a variety of dishes. We ordered the BBQ pork bun ($3), the pork belly meal ($12.90) and one of our favourites, the pork sisig meal ($12.90).

The dishes came out right away, hot and sizzling. It was hard to make Stefan wait for me to take a picture because it smelled so good!

The pork belly was full of flavor – smoky, caramelized, decadent and melted in our mouths. The rice was fresh and fluffy but the veggies were the frozen kind, just boiled and tossed on the plate. The pork bun was big and fluffy with adobo pork in the middle. It wasn’t as sweet as the BBQ chinese buns that you find, but we liked it more because of that reason.

The pork sisig was authentic and reminded us of the Philippines! The lemon cut through the creaminess of the liver and fried egg with a refreshing tang, and the onions and chili gave it a good spicy crunch. This pork sigsig had more pig ear in it so it was on the crunchier side, compared to others that can be buttery.

Our meals were all a good size, decadent and delicious – satisfying all the Filipino food cravings that we had. The staff at Home Cooked Filipino Cuisine are lovely, helpful and chatty. I wouldn’t recommend this place for any vegetarians but if you are seeking some hearty home cooked meat dishes at a good price, this place is perfect!

The staff mentioned that they have just opened a second branch in Elliott Stables. We have our eyes on the crispy pata for next time, we hear it’s one of the best in town!

Location: 6/ 19 Link Drive Wairau Valley Auckland, New Zealand 0627 
09 443 6286
Hours:  11 am to 9 pm, 7 Days
Prices: $9.90 – $17.90 per plate
Takeaways: Yes
Cards: No
Licensed: No
Suitable for Vegetarians: If you’re a vegetarian that eats seafood, than yes.
Bathrooms: N/A
Wheelchair accessible: Yes

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