Haroobang Dumpling

The Link Drive area of Auckland has developed quite a concentration of Asian shops and restaurants. You know things have changed when the local drive-through features Asian BBQ meat!

We were checking out the shops and decided to give one of the restaurants a try. Dumplings appealed so we headed for Haroobang Dumpling.

What a surprise this was! Very polished interior – definitely upmarket. This is a dining – not an eat and run – environment, and the menu prices reflected this accordingly.

The first page of the menu featured dishes at Cheapeats prices so we selected from those offerings. Of course we had to try the dumplings ($10) and ordered those. We decided to be adventurous and also tried the tofu in a chili sauce, served with rice ($12). More elaborate dishes in the menu are in the $20+ price range.

The pork dumplings were first to arrive. We had requested these steamed and there were 20 lovely plump dumplings in the steamer dish for us to enjoy. The tofu dish was absolutely delicious – soft, silken tofu with a few pieces of seafood in a gravy-like chili sauce. Definitely Asian-style comfort food perfect for a cold winter’s day. We were also given a side-dish of pickled turnip.

I had noticed kim chi on the menu and asked our congenial young server if this was a mainly Korean-style restaurant. He replied that no, it was “Asian fusion”. Whatever it was, it was delicious. I peeked inside the kitchen as we left and saw a spotless kitchen with several chefs in uniform, and trays of freshly-made dumplings on racks, ready to be cooked to order.

You can take their dumplings home with you – there is a freezer inside the entrance with packages of their homemade dumplings available for purchase.

Haroobang Dumpling is an elegant oasis of delicious food in the heart of the commercial Wairau Valley – a lovely dining experience.

Location: 20 Link Drive, Glenfield
Phone: (09) 444-9987
Hours:  Tuesday-Sunday 11:30am-9pm; Monday closed
Prices:  Noodle dishes $10-$12; Rice dishes $12-$15; dumplings $10 plus other more expensive offerings on the menu
Credit Cards: Yes over $30
Suitable for Vegetarians: Yes
Takeaways: Yes
Bathrooms:  Good
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
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