It is amazing that after all the reviews that we have done, somehow we have missed out reviewing Fatima’s!

This Middle Eastern takeaway/eat in food bar is a veteran of the food scene on Ponsonby Road – a testament to the popularity of Fatima’s and the quality of their food.

The darkened doorway is easy to miss, but once inside you find a cosy atmosphere with your choice of either a counter or a couple of tables to eat at.  The steady stream of regulars who came to pick up their orders during the lunch hour that I visited obviously had their favourites from the menu.  I was torn between the more traditional pita or main-size salads, but it was a cold day and the chicken pita ($11.40) won out.

I also ordered the lamb chawarma ($10.50) for my daughter and a side order of the potato koftas ($6.20).  I had heard that these were good so wanted to check them out.

I sat at the counter while I waited for my order and watched the two staff at work.  They didn’t indulge in any idle chit-chat with each other or with any of the customers but I guess it is more about the food anyway.

I took my order home where we promptly unwrapped all the food and tasted everything.  The lamb chawarma had a good serving of spiced lamb pieces in a toasted bap bun with lettuce, tomato relish and garlic sauce. Good enough but not as good as the chicken pita, which was a complete meal of chicken pieces, tabbouleh, red cabbage, lettuce, tomato relish and garlic sauce rolled in a toasted pita.  In fact, even my daughter preferred the pita!

The potato koftas were a disappointment.  The serving size was generous, but the koftas reminded me of commercial potato hashbrowns, only in a different shape.

I suggest that pitas are the way to go at Fatima’s and there is a wide variety to choose from – chicken, falafel, lamb, spiced nut, crisp “chick”, Mediterranean, Pacific, satay, catch of the day, Fatima’s favourite and even a gluten free option.

In warmer weather the salads definitely appeal – classic, Fattoush, Persian and Sheik (all $15.30).

Fatima’s offers a couple of options for children (Munchkins) and also has a few sweet treats such as baklava ($2.60), nougat ($1.40) and Turkish Delight ($0.70)- plus the universal favourite – chocolate brownie ($3.70).

Order ahead and take away your order or eat in, Fatima’s feeds you well on both Ponsonby Road and in Takapuna.


Location:  240 Ponsonby Road, Auckland Central and also 20 Anzac Street, Takapuna
Phone: (09)  376-9393; (09) 489-6552 or 0800 fatimas
Hours:  11:30am-10:00pm every day
Prices: Sides $6.20-10.50; Pitas $11.40-$13.80; Chawarmas $10.30-$10.50; Salads $15.30; Kids meals $11.80; Sweet treats $0.70-$3.70.  A 15% surcharge applies on public holidays.
Credit Cards:  Yes
Licensed: No
Suitable for Vegetarians: Yes
Takeaways: Yes
Bathrooms: None available
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
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  1. tjan says:

    Fatima’s is always good and the koftas are yum. It is also very Ponsonby so my kids like it.

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