Eden Noodle

There are days when hot noodle soup or dumplings are just what a person needs, and Eden Noodle will definitely help you fill that gap.

This tiny restaurant is located at the city end of Dominion Road, next to a bakery and Target Furniture. Thinking that it was just another “greasy spoon” I had never checked it out. I will admit that I got it wrong!

The first visit was with family in tow on “a dark and stormy night”. We were moving house, so cooking was not an option. We ventured out, found a park in front of the restaurant, opened the door and to our amazement, the tiny restaurant was packed! Through the kindness of some other patrons, we managed to squeeze ourselves around a small table. Actually, all 9 tables are small, some are just smaller than others. If you think of a diner in layout, you will be close.

Everyone was slurping noodle soup in one form or another or eating freshly-made dumplings. In fact, one of the staff was making the dumplings on a table set up on top of the freezer behind the cashier. We could see into the kitchen and the chefs were busy cooking and stirring noodles, shaking woks and generally bustling around.

Eden Noodle specialises in the spicy Sichuan cuisine which I adore, so we were off to a good start. We ordered two soups – one with chicken slices and noodles and the other marinated beef with flat chopped noodles in broth. In short order two steaming hot bowls of soup arrived. The chicken soup was mild and easy to eat. In the other soup the beef pieces had been marinated in Eden Noodle’s special blend of Sichuan spices, and I could pick out the flavour of star anise. This was definitely my kind of food.

We also ordered the pork and cabbage dumplings in a sweet and spicy sauce, which came promptly and again were delicious. Nothing to take home as left-overs!

We had to venture out to the toilet on that stormy night. Not recommended as we got absolutely soaked going out around the back of the restaurant.

My second visit was prompted by having a head cold, and there was nothing for it but to go and get some chicken soup. This time I ordered the Chinese cabbage in chicken broth. Not one to let an opportunity for fresh dumplings pass by, I ordered the Sichuan fried dumplings. Suffice to say that these dumplings were so good that I ate them as soon as I got into my car (again the restaurant was packed so I had to order the food as takeaways). I loved the golden fried texture of the dumpling with the delicious pork and cabbage filling. The dumplings were fried to the point of having some crunch to them and the crunchy bits had been scraped and included in the takeaway container. Perfect!

I managed to check out the soup at home. A large bowl of chicken broth with lots of finely shredded Chinese cabbage that was still a bright green colour and not overcooked. A light and mild soup that was very comforting and healthful.

Eden Noodle caters mainly to native Chinese speakers but they do have an English menu. The spicy dishes are easy to identify – they are printed in red! The friendly fellow taking orders at the till will help you make your choices from the menu as best he can while trying to serve the other patrons.

You will find many “offal” options in the menu so if you are more adventurous than me, you can give them a go. However, there are lots of more mainstream choices, too. Another time I would like to try the Chinese “pita” bread or the kumara noodles. Or maybe I will just have more of those delicious dumplings!

Location: 105 Dominion Road, Mt Eden
Phone: (09) 630-1899
Hours:  11am-9:30pm every day except Sunday
Prices:  Snacks $5-$9;  Main dishes such as steamed meat with rice flour batter, cold noodles or fried dumplings $8-$10; Chinese Pita Bread with various meats $5; Kumara Noodles in soup with vegetables or meat $8.50; Hot pot soup $8; Rice Noodles Soup $11
Credit Cards: No, Eftpos only
Licensed: No
Suitable for Vegetarians: Yes
Takeaways: Yes
Bathrooms: OK but outside at rear of restaurant
Wheelchair Accessible: Technically yes but no room inside
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7 Responses

  1. I’ve heard good things about this place, but have always been put off by the queues going out the door and being unsure whether there would be an English menu. I shall have to make more of an effort to give this place a try!

  2. I never knew this place did dumplings. Good to know that there is a dumpling source just a hop and skip away.

    I’m glad you reviewed this place. I live just around the corner and I always see it packed out, unlike Nom Nom Panda, I hadn’t heard anything about this place.

    I’ve noticed it smells like beef broth and star anise and I guess that is a very popular dish.

    • Lynn says:

      You will LOVE the dumplings (well, I did anyway!). You are very lucky to have Eden Noodle close to your home. Enjoy!


  3. Andi says:

    Have eaten here before and it was not quite my thing (noodle soups), but the dumplings are good, better than Barilla Dumping in my opinion.

    • Lynn says:

      Well, that is high praise indeed for their dumplings! Wouldn’t it be fun to have a dumpling-off to find Auckland’s best dumplings? The research could be daunting!

  4. Taina says:

    The dan dan noodles and dumplings in spicy sauce are to die for! Three dishes for two people was only $24! Amazing!!

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