Dutch Delight

What a lovely surprise this turned out to be!  Tucked into a busy street of shops in the main shopping area of Birkenhead is a little corner of Holland.

This is a friendly, homely café run by William and Heidi Van der Veld and their daughter Maureen.  The walls are covered with pictures and nic-nacs from Holland to reinforce the Dutch connection.

One member of our group was in need of caffeine and ordered a flat white coffee to start.  It was served with a ginger biscuit and got top marks.  We were off to a good start!

Our group of three women shared a small “bittergarni” tasting platter ($12.50) of Dutch starters consisting of bitterballen (crumbed ragout balls), spring rolls and fried cheese snacks.  It came with Dutch mustard and was an interesting mix of familiar and new flavours.

Dessert was in our sights, so we opted to share a medium-sized lunch pancake called Shoarma pancake ($21.50).  This had pan-fried pieces of pork, marinated with traditional middle-eastern shoarma herbs and combined with tomato and apple.  It was served on a thin crepe-like pancake and was just delicious.

The best was yet to come!  Our dessert poffertjes ($13.00)(similar to a light small donut) arrived.  We gazed at a plate of small, lightly cooked Dutch-style “donuts” (this term does not do them justice), topped with pieces of butter and sprinkled with icing sugar.  We then drizzled them with Dutch syrup.  Heaven on a plate! Even our non-dessert person was hooked!  Another coffee was just the thing to wash all the calories down.

Dutch Delight is the place to come for a casual, relaxed meal or is worth the trip just for dessert.  We can’t wait to try the dessert pancakes next time!

A bonus for foodies is their small adjacent shop which they will open on request.  Here you can purchase the authentic Dutch mustard and other condiments, cheese and salty licorice.

Location: 3-5 Birkenhead Ave, Birkenhead
(Also 20-24 Greenhithe Road, open 7 days)
Phone: 418-1390
Hours: 10am-10pm Tuesday-Friday
9am-10pm Saturday
9am-9pm Sunday

Licensed: BYOW, $2 corkage
Takeaways: Yes
Suitable for vegetarians: Yes.
Prices: Starters/snacks $6.20-$15.20; pistolets (French stick open sandwiches) $8.90; meal pancakes $9.00-$27.50; other meals $20.50-$29.50; desserts $8.90-$11.50; dessert pancakes $14.00-$20.00
Credit Cards: Yes
Bathrooms: Very good

[googleMap name=”Dutch Delight” width=”505″ height=”300″ directions_to=”false”]3-5 Birkenhead Ave, Birkenhead, Auckland[/googleMap]

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4 Responses

  1. Kat says:

    Even better – where else can you get great dessert like this after 9pm in Akl, or NZ for the matter?? Their Dutch apple pie is amazing too – coming from someone who normally fears sultanas!

  2. Talman says:

    Went here last night for desert with my girlfriend, it was amazing! The dessert poffertjes get top marks! Definitely coming back here 🙂

  3. Cheapeats says:

    Glad you liked it – it’s one of Lynn’s favourites!

  1. October 25, 2011

    […] you are in a petit bistro somewhere in Provence. For a delicious Dutch take on Pancakes, check out Dutch Delight.  Lynn reviewed it and it’s one of her […]

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