Dixie Barbecue

We’re big fans of the current trend for American Barbecue so were thrilled to find out there would be a food truck selling it’s slow-cooked smoky wares on Thursday night in front of one of our favourite liquor stores, Blanc, on Lincoln Road. What’s even better is that the kind folks at Blanc open their seating up to Dixie customers and you can buy wine and beer from the shop to have with your dinner. Instant once-a-week restaurant.

Dixie Barbecue is a food truck fitted with a commercial Southern Pride gas assisted wood smoker from Tennessee and the clever guys who own it have travelled all through Georgia, North and South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, Kansas and Missouri to perfect their craft. If you check their facebook page you can find out where they’ll be every week. They are at Blanc at least once a week and often at festivals and special events around Auckland.

Between our family we tried the beef short rib ($18), pork spare ribs ($14) beef brisket ($14), french fries ($3) and hushpuppies ($3). We loved the slaw, bread n’ butter pickles and pickled onions that came with each serving and it was perfect fare for a winter’s night in Auckland. The house-made sauces (Kansas City barbecue, Lexington Vinegar Sauce, South Carolina Mustard Sauce, Kentucky Black Sauce and Ketchup) were the perfect accompaniment to pretty ‘hearty’ fare. We chose meals but there were also cheaper options of  Georgia style, 14 hour Pulled Pork, Kentucky style Pulled Lamb and Beef brisket served in buns,

Most meat on the Dixie menu is cooked between six and 14 hours so it was pretty tender after all that slow cooking. The highlight for us was the beef short rib which was perfectly crusted on the outside but gave through to meltingly soft meat as soon you bit in. The kids loved the smoky ribs and made short work of them caveman-style. The hushpuppies were harder on the outside than others I’ve had around town but still light and fluffy on the inside. They were a huge hit with all and a steal at $3. The slaw that came with everything had a good tang which was great to cut through all that rich meat.

It’s not just the food at Dixie Barbecue. It’s the whole experience of hanging out in a car park in West Auckland eating food you’d expect to find in Louisiana and chatting with other fans of their food. Street food is finally getting a real presence in Auckland and we say bring it on. It’s not Portland yet, but every trend has to start small right?

Location: Various around Auckland but once a week at 130 Lincoln Road, Henderson
Phone: 021 DIXIEQ (349 437)
Hours: See facebook page www.facebook.com/dixiebarbecue
Prices: $8 to $18
Licensed: Yes
Suitable for Vegetarians: Hmmm, no
Takeaways: Yes
Bathrooms:  Good (in Blanc)
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
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