Coconut’s Fish Cafe, Maui, Hawaii

It’s all about the fish at Coconut’s Fish Cafe on Maui.  Enjoy fresh Hawaiian seafood in salads, soups, tacos, on a bun, on brown rice or even in a “healthy” version of fish and chips. This popular family restaurant now has two locations on Maui and is branching out to other Hawaiian Islands and even mainland USA.

We were checking into our hotel on Maui and the bellhop helping us with the luggage was briefing us on all the local inside information.  “You must go to Coconut’s” she said.  “It has the best fish and the prices are really good.”  This sounded great to us, so during our week we headed out to discover why she recommended it.

Coconut’s is a privately owned and operated business started in 2009 on Maui.  The focus is on delicious, high quality food and it offers healthy food choices:  brown rice; coleslaw made with coconut milk; lightly breaded fish and chips; home-made sauces; gluten-free and low-fat options.

There are appetisers, main salads, chowders, grilled fish on a bun or on brown rice, fish and chips and pasta. Even a kids menu.  But Coconut’s is really known for its fish tacos. So of course that is what we ordered (US$12.75/two tacos).

Despite the warning to visit the newest location and not the original restaurant, that is where we ended up.  It was packed!  So we queued up at the counter to place our taco order and found a space to sit down.  A nice touch is that the tables are made from surfboards.

It didn’t take long for our food to arrive.  Each fish taco order included two tortillas made from white corn, cheese, tomato salsa, coleslaw and mango salsa.  This is not tidy eating and is an experience best shared with family and close friends.  The fish was perfectly cooked and the two tacos made a good lunch.  If it was dinner-time I would probably also want an appetiser (US$10.99-$11.99) or a cup of chowder (US$5.49).

Coconut’s is on the move, and is franchising.  Look out for new restaurants opening up on the island of Kaui and also in California.

So good news…healthy food at a reasonable price is available in Hawaii (in addition to the latest Hawaiian poke food trend).

And in case you were wondering, Coconut’s is actually named after the owner’s cat. Irresistible!


Location:1279 South Kihei Road and also 2463 South Kihei Road, Maui
Phone: 808-875-9979; 808-875-4949
Hours: Daily 10am-9pm; Daily 7am-9pm.
Prices: US dollars  Appetisers (pu-pu) $10.99-$11.99; Salads $6.99-$17.99; Chowder cup $5.49; bowl $11.49; Tacos $12.75-!14.49; Grilled Fish on a Bun $11.49-$14.99; Grilled Fish on Brown Rice $12.99-$17.99; Seafood and Chips $13.75; Seafood or Chicken Pasta $17.99; Sides $3.49-$7.99; Kids (keiki) menu $3.99-$7.99.
Takeaways: Yes (50 cents for the biodegradable container)
Cards: Yes
Licensed: 2463 South Kihei Road location only
Suitable for Vegetarians: Yes
Bathrooms: Good
Wheelchair accessible: Yes



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