Cheapeats Picks of 2018

  • TAMA
  • Cielito Lindo
    Cielito Lindo
  • love exposure tofu
    Love Exposure
  • basunoodles- fixed
    Basu Lounge
  • Kiss Kiss
    Kiss Kiss
  • Eden Noodle
    Eden Noodles
  • Burger Burger photo
    Burger Burger

What were the stand-outs for us after a year of Cheapeats eating? Our Cheapeats team members have picked their favourite “new find” and also nominated their favourite Cheapeats “go to”.

Our favourite Cheapeats restaurants we reviewed this year are…

TAMA Nepalese Eatery and Bar

Tama was our most unique find of 2018.  We knew nothing about Nepalese food, and fell in love with their dumplings (momo).  Kate speaks for all of us in her description: “I really enjoyed the flavour combinations of Chinese dumplings with Indian spices. Their mustard greens were fantastic, I fell in love with the potato salad and there were roasted sesames on almost every dish – which I am all for.  I have never tasted food and flavours like the ones at TAMA before – and I think we need more of that in Auckland.”

Our Cheapeats winter dinner was held at TAMA and we think the participants enjoyed it, too.

Cielito Lindo

Alexia loves this charming little Mexican food outpost in West Auckland. What’s not to love about simple Mexican food made with authentic ingredients and made from the heart?

Love Exposure

May-Lee loves the “excellent sharing plates of sweet and sticky chicken nibbles and caramelised pork belly wrapped with lettuce leaves and herbs.”

Our favourite “go to” Cheapeats restaurants…

Basu Lounge

Kate discovered Basu Lounge on an outing to compare it with Lake Dumplings.  She loved the food so much that Kate and her partner Stefan “would eat there once week- for far longer than I would like to admit. It became our easy Friday night dinner place. Before I went to Basu Lounge, I always thought beef noodle soups were okay, I never really cared to order them. I still dream of their beef noodle soup. To me, it’s the love child of the intense flavours in a beef stew mixed with chewy pulled noodles. Perfection!

Kiss Kiss

Pretty authentic Northern Thai food, one of the few places May-Lee can find khao soi in Auckland, and a funky pink fit out.

Eden Noodles

Still the best noodle and dumpling place in town for Alexia.  The queues of people patiently waiting for a table or takeaways at their Dominion Road location would agree with her.

Burger Burger

Thick juicy meat patty on a perfectly toasted brioche bun with all the trimmings, curly fries, onion rings and veggies for sides to help you think you’re eating healthy.  Works for Lynn.

For details refer to the review of each restaurant (link is in the restaurant name).

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