Cheap Eats Mexican Round-Up

If you buy Metro magazine this month (December issue) you’ll see an in-depth analysis of Mexican food in Auckland. This is the result of me selflessly researching every joint in town (and ending up the size and shape of a burrito by the end of it). I won’t repeat it all here as you should definitely buy the magazine, but I just want to make mention of a couple of Cheap Eats related things I found out on my little feeding frenzy.

1. Mexican Specialities is still very good (but a little pricier than before) – read the review Lynn wrote on Cheap Eats last year here

2. Don’t bypass the chains – Mexicali Fresh and the Original California Burrito Company use really fresh ingredients, home make sauces and slow cook their meats for a very long time. There’s been a lot of thought gone into their menus and they both serve good stateside Mexican food. I don’t know why we equate chains with bad food (maybe bad experiences with McDonalds or KFC?) but don’t write these guys off till you’ve tried them.

3. Give Taqueria in Ponsonby a miss – not worth it. Yes it’s cheap, but no, it’s not great food and the service was really apathetic.

4. Two of the hottest Cheap Eats tickets this month will be the Lucky Taco and Boom Tacos . Both these operations will be bringing great Mexican Food to Ponsonby. Sarah and Otis (The Lucky Taco) and Scott (Boom Tacos – only once a month so make sure you keep up with his dates on their Facebook page) are mad keen foodies and have done some serious research into both Mexican Mexican and American Mexican food respectively. Try the Lucky Taco’s pulled pork taco with their homemade sauce and Boom Taco’s Korean influenced soft taco. Kogi BBQ – eat your heart out.

Just a quick round up this week. Back to normal reviews from next week. Now make sure you go out and buy the mag and read about the rest of my Mexican exploration (there were a lot more places than I thought) . I didn’t eat myself into a stupor for nothing!

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3 Responses

  1. May I also please humbly suggest you check out the good work the Auckland Burrito Review (ABR) has been doing.

  2. Simon says:

    You should check out the food at Japapenos Mexican Grill.
    Authentic Mexican at a reasonable price.
    Real Chipotle chillis make all the difference.
    Also, like their fb page and you’ll receive posts on their daily deals.
    Been there i dont know how many times and im in love.
    Finally made it to “Spicy” sooo hot!

  3. Alexia says:

    Yeah I did try them as part of the Metro article – fabulous house made soft corn tortillas!

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