Burger Burger

Burger Burger

Burger Burger is getting rave reviews and packing in the punters, and for good reason.  This latest addition to  Ponsonby Central is offering burgers worth crossing town for.

I visited one weekday lunchtime and the restaurant was packed, with not one seat to spare.  Just as well that I was planning on taking the food home.

The menu is simple with a focus on  – you guessed it – burgers (all $10 except for the special $12).  I ordered a beef burger (rare) for my teenage daughter and a lamb burger for me.

We opted for burgers on a bun as I had heard that they were perfection (baked by Il Forno), but for you gluten-free or Paleo eaters, you can have your burger with lettuce instead of a bun (called a bunnuce).

We also ordered a side of shoe pressed (ie shoe string) fries, coleslaw and an intriguing option, charred broccoli with almonds and garlic butter (all sides $6). Had we been eating in, I would have been tempted by the dessert sundae for $10.

I was impressed that despite the busy-ness of the restaurant, I only had about a 10 minute wait for my order, and the staff even went to a neighbouring business to get a paper bag to put my order in.

My daughter immediately grabbed her order as soon as I got home.  I managed to get a brief look at her burger and a taste of a couple of fries, which were perfectly cooked.  I did get a report back that the burger was “possibly the best burger I have had in my life”.  High praise from a teenager!

My lamb burger was a nod to the Middle East – pieces of roasted lamb topped with beetroot, mint yogurt and feta. I loved the flavour combination.  The burger was almost outshone by the perfectly toasted burger bun – light and crunchy and almost worth having on its own.

The coleslaw was creamy and flavoursome but I enjoyed the charred broccoli even more.  Lots of florets, perfectly cooked with a slight crunch, topped with almond slivers browned in garlic butter. What a great way to eat your greens!

I think that Burger Burger is so popular because it does something relatively simple, extremely well, at an affordable price point.  Something that both adults and children can enjoy.  The perfect Cheapeats!

Location:  The Lane in Ponsonby Central, 136-138 Ponsonby Road
Phone: N/A
Hours: Open 7 days, 11:30am until late
Prices: Burgers $10; Special Burger $12; Extras $2-$5; Sides $6; Desserts $10
Credit Cards:  Yes
Licensed: Yes
Suitable for Vegetarians: Yes (vegetarian burger)
Takeaways: Yes
Bathrooms:  Ponsonby Central
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
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2 Responses

  1. Reina says:

    I’m a huge burger fan and I’m on a personal mission to try and find the best burger. I found burgerbuger to be the best I’ve ever had. You’ve summed it up pretty well, they do something simple but extremely well. I hope it stays this good and quality doesn’t start sinking.

  1. June 4, 2014

    […] odd to find myself in a burger bar for the second time in one month. The first was the wonderful Burger Burger in Ponsonby Central then last night it was newest addition to the casual dining scene, Better […]

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