Bok Choy Restaurant

I have driven past Bok Choy on upper Symonds Street many times and have been intrigued by their “healthy eating” signage.  So I brought along my foodie colleague Chrissy and went to try them out one recent lunch time.

Bok Choy has created a simple, quick and user-friendly way to enjoy Chinese food.  They have applied the mix-and-match principle of Subway – pick your noodles, pick your protein (pork, beef, chicken, seafood or pressed tofu), pick your vegetables and then pick your sauce (Bok Choy, black bean, teriyaki, satay, sweet and sour or laksa) in a small ($5), medium ($7) or large ($11) serving size.  Your selection is handed over to a chef for cooking and then served to you in one of those white takeaways boxes.

The day we visited, Bok Choy was offering Shanghai noodles, and I selected a variety of vegetables with prawns and the special Bok Choy sauce.  Chrissy opted for chicken with her noodles and vegetables with a Laksa sauce.  We both chose the small 500g serving – for only $5!

Bok Choy was also offering homemade fried chicken dumplings, so we ordered those, too ($9/14 pieces).

We waited for our order at one of the tables, and watched the steady stream of office workers coming in to order their lunch. And who could blame them?  At only $5 (for the small size) it is a reasonably nutritious hot meal at a great price!

Our orders arrived steaming hot in the containers. I would probably have preferred less noodles and more vegetables, but I had at least 5 shrimp in my serving so I was happy.  Chrissy was also content with her selection – fresh and tasty.

We left most of the noodles in the containers so that we could enjoy the dumplings.  We both remarked that despite being fried, the dumplings were not greasy in the least.  They were plump full of minced chicken, and despite our best intentions to pace ourselves, we ate most of the serving!

The variety of your meal is up to you – another time you could order beef and broccoli and black bean sauce with your noodles and yet another time have tofu with veges and laksa.  The options are almost endless.

Bok Choy fits the bill for simple fresh stir-fries (and dumplings!) at a very reasonable price. A modern Cheapeats classic!

Just note that at present Bok Choy is open 11am-9pm during the week but is closed on weekends.

Location: 155 Symonds Street (upper end)
Phone: (09)  368-4295
Hours:  Monday-Friday 11am-9pm.  Closed weekends.
Prices: Small $5, Medium $7 and Large $11.  Dumplings $9/14 pieces.
Credit Cards:  No
Licensed: No
Suitable for Vegetarians: Yes
Takeaways: Yes
Bathrooms: N/A
Wheelchair Accessible:
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3 Responses

  1. Luke says:

    I’ve seen a few of these type of restaurants in Europe, especially Amsterdam. Glad to hear there is one in Auckland too.

  2. Genie says:

    Thanks for this review. I work just around the corner but haven’t made it down. It’s always good to have a healthy lunch option to add to the list.

  3. publo says:

    After eating 50 metres up the road every day for the past 6 months I tried this place for the first time yesterday lol.

    Good price / serving size / tasty.

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