Bi Won Korean BBQ

Discovering out of the way places like Bi Won are the reason we do this site. We happened to be on the Shore and had no idea where to go so took our chances on Link Drive. Luckily we stumbled across a lively and very full Korean BBQ restaurant, especially for Sunday night.

Bi Won has lovely, clean, modern decor. Always a bonus to get nice food in a pleasant setting on a cheap eat! We were slightly apprehensive as it had been some time since we had been to a Korean BBQ  and had forgotten what to do.

Fortunately our waitress spoke fabulous English and guided us through the process. She was very friendly and was happy to answer any questions we had.

Basically you choose a type of meat and it will come out raw with a raft of side dishes to accompany. They light the BBQ in the middle of your table and you cook from there. We chose one marinated meat and one non. The boneless Galbi ( marinated beef) was on special but the usual price was $20 as was the Che dol bak yi (marbled beef). Both were outstanding. There was a pork option too.

The Galbi had that traditional Korean soy/sweet flavour and was tender and perfect with its dipping sauce, but the absolute winner on the night was the marbled beef. It was wafer thin and cooked in seconds but it was the sauce you sink it into before consuming that made it. Sesame-oil based with lots of cracked pepper and coarse salt, it was sublime when combined with the bbq meat. Big distinct sesame and salt flavour – we would go back for this dish alone.

The sides were generous and plentiful and refilled free of charge. There was Kimchi, chilli-flavoured fried bean sprouts, blanched mixed vegetables, fish cakes cut into strips, seaweed, lightly-pickled daikon (a perfect sweet sour complement to the salt of the meat) and shitake mushrooms. We enjoyed them all and did go back for seconds on some.

If you don’t feel like BBQ there are a series of noodles, soups, stews and deep frieds that all sit around the $10 -$13 mark. These all looked delicious as well.

Bi Won is BYO and has a small selection of beer and soft drinks as well as Korean spirits. We had a great time and could only imagine how much fun it would be with a big group. Don’t miss this one. We will be finding an excuse to go back as soon as possible.

Location: 29 Link Drive, Glenfield, Auckland City
Phone: (09) 443-6761
Hours: 11am-1am. Tues – Sun. Closed Mondays
Licensed: Yes for beer and spirits but BYO wine.
Takeaways: Yes
Credit Cards: Yes
Suitable for Vegetarians: Not really
Wheelchair Access: Yes – small curb outside, wide aisles inside
Prices: $10 -$13 for mains, $18 – $20 for BBQ (there was one at $23 but it was on special at $20. Not sure if this is a long-term thing) BBQ includes sides.
Bathrooms: Passable
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  1. Kat says:

    A family friend now runs this place (they’d already taken over when you guys dined, I think) so will have to show them this review! The couple who run it used to run a Korean butcher business, an according to the parents, their galbi marinating skills are outstanding! And another little note – apparently most Koreans who have been living in Akl for sometimes generally agree that the Shore has the better Korean restaurants, taste wise, due to their being more families on the Shore, and you can’t fool a Korean tastebud! City ones are generally the ones to avoid, since they tend to cater cheaply but tastelessly to the student market who are situated in the city apartments and care more about the buck than taste when it comes the crunch!

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