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For a girl who spends a good deal of her life dining in weird and wonderful Asian joints, it was odd to find myself in a burger bar for the second time in one month. The first was the wonderful Burger Burger in Ponsonby Central then last night it was newest addition to the casual dining scene, Better Burger, next to Britomart Country Club.

The reason I’ve avoided burgers in Auckland is that they’ve been mainly pretty average but this isn’t the case at Better Burger. The attitude and the menu really remind me of New York’s famous Burger Joint tucked in next to the reception at Le Parker Meridien – just burgers, fries, sodas (coke and sprite, no diet) and shakes. If you want anything else, go somewhere else.

What impressed us the most was that despite the low prices, quality was not compromised. The buns were from Bread and Butter, the tomatoes from the fabulous Curious Croppers, the ice cream in the shakes from Kohu Road offshoot Little Paddock (with real pureed strawberry in the strawberry one) and the beef, decent quality Angus.

We both had Double Cheeseburgers ($6.50) and they were great. Patties cooked to medium perfection and just the right amount of gooey melty cheese and condiments. We had one as a combo and the fries that came with it were also excellent. They have a ‘chipper’ there and the contents of the big sacks of potatoes which adorn the dining room can go from raw spud to crispy french fry in six minutes, according to the (super friendly) staff. Talk about fresh.

This place will do well. Nothing is fancy but everything is made fresh with good quality ingredients, and more importantly tastes really good. The chips were a bit salty for my liking but that’s easily fixed if you ask them for a slightly lighter hand with the shaker (they are very obliging and will happily tailor your order, if you have a certain preference). The hours are late  – we do feel a bit sorry for the White Lady – and it’s eat in or takeout. A winner for all – from those needing a pre-theatre bite to those searching for a post nightclub alcohol soak-up in the early hours.

It doesn’t have the flourishes and exotic flavours of places like Burger Burger, and others of similar ilk, but that’s not what they are going for here. These guys have seen the need for a cleaner, better alternative to a shameful stop at the Golden Arches. We couldn’t agree more with chef Dan when he says “This is the kind of burger you want to wake up with.” No next day burger regret at this fun new addition to the Auckland eating scene.

Location:  31 Galway Street, Britomart, Auckland CBD
Phone: (09) 303 2541 
Hours: Sunday-Tuesday 12pm-12am; Wednesday-Saturday 12pm-late
Prices: Nothing above $12.50 (and that’s a combo) Click here to view
Credit Cards:  Yes
Licensed: No (but it’s flanked by two bars)
Suitable for Vegetarians: Yes
Takeaways: Yes
Bathrooms: Good
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
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6 Responses

  1. Tim says:

    This joint is an exact replica of Californian powerhouse
    In n out burger
    They’ve even used the in n out arrow in their logo.
    Tastes identical except for the bun, even has same special sauce.
    Simple burgers that taste right. NZ has too many overthought burger joints. With patties containing everything but the kitchen sink,
    Better burger is good, but takes forever and a day to get your order. Upwards of one hour! For a standard burger a bit long. Would be great as a mini franchise a la 80’s standout “uncles” but with the same minimised menu

    • Andre says:

      The burgers here taste quite nice and you can instantly tell the ingredients are fresh but I agree with Tim.
      I waited almost an hour for my burger…They were about 25 to 30 orders behind; If they hope to keep employees around it (I work at westpac, just next door) as customers they need to be a bit efficient. I’ll go back in a couple of months and see if it has improved.

  2. Cheapeats says:

    Oh that’s no good. We went very soon after opening so there was no wait. We did hear a rumour that there are more branches planned to keep up with demand.

  3. paris says:

    Am a south african and planning to arrive late September in Auckland.
    Been browsing for affordable places to eat and I came across this one…
    Any other recommendations for me, Pls?

  4. Rodney Chapman says:

    As a transplanted American “Burgerholic”, I highly recommend this restaurant for simple, tasty burgers. Today was my 3rd visit to Better Burgers. Authentic Americana! All ingredients tasted as fresh as it gets. Lettuce, tomato, dill pickles (gherkins), mayo, sauce, cheddar cheese and a slice of onion. Looking for consistency I ordered the same meal for each of my 3 visits, the double cheeseburger, fries and soda. All 3 visits I encountered friendly staff and waited no more than 7 minutes for my meal. All 3 burgers were exactly the same too. Excellent. The burger patties are well proportioned to the size of the buns along with a generous thick slice of cheese reminiscent of American Cheddar. The patties had just the right moisture content too. Not dried up or dripping with grease. This visit, the buns were very warm and soft without any excessive crunch. Nice! The sauce was just right too. I went to Better Burgers to enjoy the Burger not the fries. The fries? Different story. There’s room for improvement in regard to their oil cooking temperature to get all fries cooked evenly. Some cooked just fine and some very hard and well over cooked. If all were cut the same size, that issue would improve. Overall, I give the burgers at Better Burgers a 10 out of 10 in taste, value for your money and fresh ingredients. If you want a true American hamburger, then grab one at Better Burgers. You’ll be back!

  5. agnosis1975 says:

    Based on what I read here I went to Better Burger with a friend this evening. It’s all true. The burgers are exceptionally good, but the fries really need some work.

    The service was fine, considering they were moderately busy. I enjoyed the atmosphere a lot.

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