Bedford Soda and Liquor

Bedford Soda and Liquor champions the latest fashion in food – meatballs.  On their own, with sauce, in a sandwich or in a slider, you can order your meatballs the way you like them.

Bedford is located on the Richmond Road side of the bustling Ponsonby Central complex. The crisp winter evening that we visited quickly filled with couples, friends and groups seeking a drink or a meal.

The menu has a mix and match format:  choose your meatballs “as is”(3/$12) , in a slider (1 for $5) or in a baguette sub (3/$14), with or without a sauce ($2) and with or without a starch base ($4) of spaghetti, mash, polenta or risotto. You can also select a salad or vegetable dish ($7), shoe string fries or onion rings ($7).  There is also a child’s menu of one meatball with sauce and a starch base for $8.  The dessert section tempts with American style desserts:  sundaes, brownies, pie and chocolate salty balls ($8).

Once you have decided on your food you tick the boxes beside the food items on the laminated menu using the markers provided – and then you hand the menu to the waiter.  Simple and fun.

I was all set to try the traditional beef meatballs, but the special of pork and prawn won me over. I opted to have them with the spicy green Thai curry sauce. I passed on the carbs but ordered a quinoa, barley, walnut and roasted vegetable salad.

My daughter went the more traditional route and ordered the beef meatball slider, Caesar salad and shoe string fries. We would have ordered the onion rings but found out that were not made in-house.

We decided to order beverages from the interesting soda menu, and ordered a blueberry, pomegranate and black iced tea soda for my daughter and a mandarin, mango and honey soda for me.  These were delivered to our table in the popular jar style glasses and tasted delicious.  My mandarin soda was fresh and not too sweet – a real treat of a non-alcoholic drink.  Other patrons were enjoying cocktails and wines from the liquor menu.

Our orders arrived after a short wait during which the restaurant completely filled.  My three pork and prawn meatballs were a moderate serving for the price. The spicy green Thai curry sauce on the meatballs was good but overwhelmed the flavour of the meat a bit. I did enjoy them (as my soon-empty plate proved) but I would hav ealso liked more textural interest in the meatballs which something like water chestnuts could have provided.  My salad was a very healthy serving of hearty grains and vegetables including kale and beetroot.

My daughter’s beef meatball slider was a a tasty serving perfect for a smaller appetite. The Caesar salad was fine although a little heavy-handed with the dressing. The shoe string fries were a massive serving of crispy golden fries which my daughter munched through happily.

As two girls we enjoyed our meal but someone with a larger appetite would definitely need one of the starchy base options to be added to the meal, which could easily take their meal over our $20 Cheapeats limit.

Bedford also offers $15 lunch combo specials which are good value.  Takeaways are available from 12 noon.

Bedford is another in the ever increasing breed of casual eating and drinking venues which offers a simple range of food to suit almost everyone and an interesting drinks menu all set in a funky yet cosy atmosphere.

Another enjoyable addition to the Ponsonby Central family.



Location:  Ponsonby Central, 136-138 Ponsonby Road
Phone: 378-7362
Hours: 12 noon-12 midnight, 7 days
Prices: Meatballs $12; Meatball Subs $14; Meatball Slider $5; Sauce $2; Base $4; Salads $7; Fries $7; Kids Menu $8; Desserts $8
Credit Cards: Yes
Licensed: Yes
Suitable for Vegetarians: Yes
Takeaways: Yes
Bathrooms: Fine – Ponsonby Central
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes-ramp on Richmond Road entrance
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