Aydin’s Portuguese Grilled Chicken

Always on the search for somewhere we can take the children where we will enjoy the food too, Aydin’s held a lot of promise. A bit like a non-chain Nando’s , the staff were super-accommodating and extremely friendly and it had a lovely vibe. Great start.

It had a pretty contemporary and inviting  – albeit simple-  fit-out for a Cheap Eat with comfortable red booths which the kids loved. We ordered the Prawn Pizza for them ($9.99) – with a side of fries ($2.99) –  and the quarter grilled chicken combo ($13.99) and chicken salad ($9.99)for us.

We were very impressed by the waitress asking if we’d like the chips brought out for the kids early while the other items cooked (she obviously understood how ugly two hungry small boys have the potential to get). She also went out of her way to go down the road and grab a Sprite, since they had run out. Super friendly service.

Fitout cute, service great and friendly but the food was really not quite up to what we had hoped from a Portuguese chicken joint. The chicken, although beautifully spiced and flavoured with a lovely Portuguese lemon kick, was dry. It was okay for my salad where the dressing and nice fresh ingredients compensated, but for my husband’s plain leg portion, there was no such foil. Such a waste of an extremely tasty marinade.

The chips were nice with lemon pepper seasoning and the pizza was strangely addictive. It’s not fabulous New York or Napoli style like you can get around Auckland but instead on a kind of thick almost turkish-style bread with shrimps, red onions, capsicum, herbs and cheese. It looked all wrong for how we are used to eating pizza, but we found ourselves going back for more all the same.

I’d like to know if the chicken was just dry that day or whether this is a regular problem – it would be a really nice place take a family for a quick bite if it was moister. The portions were a good size and there’s so much else to like. Give it a go yourself and see if we caught them on an off day.

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Location:  3/321 Karangahape Road
Phone: 5558684
Hours: 11am till late – Seven days
Prices: Grilled Chicken – $10-$20, Burger & Pita – $10 – $13, Salads $7 – $10, Pizza – $10 – $15
Credit Cards: Yes
Suitable for Vegetarians: There’s a couple of items
Takeaways: Yes
Bathrooms:  Interesting. Essentially clean but you have to go through the kitchen and out the back a bit.
Wheelchair Accessible:  Not really because of toilet access.
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  1. Leonie Hona says:

    I follow Cheap Eat’s reviews, however most seem to be in shonky areas of town or are Asian –would it be possible to include the hygiene rating for these eateries please?
    kind regards

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