Angie’s Kitchen

Angie’s Kitchen describes itself as serving “Traditional Malaysian Food From the Heart” and we would certainly agree.

The small restaurant is located in an old heritage building that has been modernised.  The dining area has a definite home-like ambience, with colourful geraniums in the window planters.  With Angie in the kitchen and family members serving, it does feel as though you will be served real home-cooked food.

We had noticed their advertisement in the local suburban paper, promoting their special Chinese New Year dishes, so we asked a Malaysian friend along as a knowledgeable critic. We were excited to learn that this is a Nyonya/Malaysian restaurant. The Nyonya (Peranakan) people were Chinese immigrants who wed Malay brides, resulting in a blend of cultures and cuisines.  The food is tangy, aromatic, spicy and herbal.

We enjoyed a combination plate of appetisers, Penang mixed shredded vegetables, Nyonya curry chicken (our favourite) and Assam fish curry. We finished with a serving of chilled Sago with coconut cream. The perfect light and refreshing end to our meal.  Our Malaysian friend thought the food was very good and home-style, not the usual commercial fare.  These Chinese New Year specials were slightly more expensive than our Cheapeats budget so I went along again for lunch a few days later to check out the regular menu, which was well within.

The regular menu is very reasonably priced, with nothing more expensive than $14.50.  I decided to try Angie’s Special stir-fried yellow noodles with chicken meat, seafood and vegetables ($13.50).  I had hit the peak of the lunch “wave”, so I had a short wait.  When my lunch arrived it was a plate piled with a generous serving of egg noodles in the most delicious sauce.  The listed ingredients of chicken, seafood and vegetables were there, but in small quantities.  All was forgiven, however, because the dish really was good.

Other diners during lunch were enjoying some of the rice meals such as Nasi Lemak ($12.50), rice specially cooked with coconut cream and herbs served with beef rendang or chicken curry or Chicken Kari Kapitan Rice ($11.50) – Nyonya chicken curry served with steamed rice. Many others had previously phoned in orders, and were picking them up.

This is a small, friendly restaurant doing what it does well, serving “traditional Malaysian food from the heart”.

Location: 17 Mount Street, Auckland Central
Phone: (09) 368-1618
Hours: Sunday-Friday 11:30am-9:30pm; Closed Saturday
Licenced :No
Takeaways: Yes
Credit Cards: Yes
Suitable for Vegetarians: Yes.  Any vegetarian requirements are available on request. Also Halal certified
Prices: Noodle Soups $11.50-$14.50; Friday Noodles $11.50-$13.50; Rice Dishes $11.50-$13.50; Roti Canai $9.50; Desserts $3-$6.50   Plus special blackboard dishes and menus.
Bathrooms: Good
Wheelchair accessible: Not quite – A couple of small steps[googleMap name=”Angie’s Kitchen” width=”505″ height=”300″ directions_to=”false”] 17 Mount Street, Auckland[/googleMap]

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7 Responses

  1. Jane says:

    A fantastic find. Charming wait staff and delicious food with a clean, contemporary atmosphere.

  2. amme says:

    Shame it’s not wheelchair friendly 🙁

    • amme says:

      those small steps are not small and if you use an electric wheelchair you’re out of luck – the point is there should not be any stairs at all!

  3. achy says:

    Service could be improved upon.

    • Lynn says:

      Sorry to hear that your experience was not as good as itcould have been. Hope you enjoyed the food.

  4. Therea says:

    Use to like the place with nice food and friendly staff but tonight was the worst dining experience I have ever had, the service was horrible, probably won’t go there again

  1. June 13, 2017

    […] be honest there are few of places here in New Zealand that fall on that category and one of it is Angie’s Kitchen, a small house located in the CBD near the O’Rorke Hall of The University of […]

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