Andy’s Burgers and Bar

There have been some mixed thoughts circulating on Andy’s Burgers and Bar and it seems different reviewers have had really different experiences, depending on when they went. I’m happy to report on the day we visited, everything was great and we would happily go back again.

We love places where the children enjoy the food but we don’t have to compromise our own personal taste. Anywhere that has a menu reflecting the current obsession with Stateside eating falls into that category. God bless the USA, for this at least.

We picked a booth right under a skylight window looking directly up at the underside of the viewing platform of the Skytower; this delighted the kids. In the name of checking out the classics, my husband ordered the Cheeseburger ($12.50) with its beef patty, cheddar, bacon, mayo, house ketchup and McClure’s pickle. It was a great bite and perfectly cooked. I had heard of someone feeling their patty was a bit overdone when they visited, but ours were the other end of the scale  – truly, truly medium rare. We like our meat on the juicy side so it suited us perfectly but some may have found it a bit pink. Just ask the server to get it cooked to your preference.

I can’t resist a huge plate of hot wings so ordered Andy’s ½ kg version ($18.50). The menu says ‘buffalo-inspired’ crispy buttermilk wings, buttery hot sauce, blue cheese dip and that’s exactly what we got. I’m not an expert but the wings I’ve had in the past have been crispy fried or baked and wet with hot sauce. These were more like Southern fried chicken styles (think posh KFC) but had the trademark vinegary spicy sauce to give it that distinct buffalo wings flavour. Same taste, different style – all good. I also had the Green beans ($5) on the side – pan-fried with garlic, lemon, smoked butter and topped with crushed peanuts they were a great flavour bomb and made me feel better about the amount of wings I crammed in my face. The kids had smaller cheeseburgers with fries on the side ($9.50) and loved them. The fries were great and the burgers simple. The cheddar was strongish so the pickles were great to offset it. They were very happy.

It seems Andy’s was having some teething inconsistencies on the days some people have been but I strongly encourage you to go and assess for yourself. We had a lovely, reasonably priced meal with really friendly service and I hope you do too.

Location: Level 2, SKYCITY Atrium, Cnr of Federal and Victoria Streets, Auckland
Phone: 09 363 6000
Hours: 11 till late every day
Licensed: Yes
Credit Cards: Yes
Suitable for Vegetarians: Yes
Prices: Sides: $3.50-$10, Burgers: $12.50 – 16.50 Others: $16.50 – $25 (only one at over Cheap Eats price)
Bathrooms: In the Casino, good.
Wheelchair accessible: Yes
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