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About Lynn and Alexia

Lynn Huhtala and Alexia Santamaria are two foodies who believe that good food does not always have to cost a lot.  We both have children…so fine dining days are not as frequent as they once were.

Lynn is a long-time foodie who turned her passion into a business. Finding Flavour offers day tours to local foodies, cooking classes and special lunches. You may have seen her in Viva or Let’s Travel magazine. She also loves a bargain and many of the places on her tours are small authentic ethnic cuisine providers with very reasonable prices.

Alexia is a freelance journalist who has cleverly focused on food and lifestyle topics as her specialist areas. She used to be the eating-out editor of citymix magazine and now writes for Dish, Taste, Next, Good Health and Living in the Herald on Sunday. She also does the Artisan column in the Weekend Life section of the Saturday edition of the NZ Herald.  She loves to eat out but with a young family and friends in similar situations, hunts down those great but good-value places. The cost of nappies and daycare fees has eaten into the eating out budget somewhat but she doesn’t want to compromise by eating bad food!

Neither of us claim to be trained chefs, but through our jobs and unnatural obsession with food we definitely know what good food is and want to share our finds with you.

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